TSD History » 1960 – 1970

1960 – 1970

Changes on Campus

1960 - 1970
1962- The Maintenance Building and Central Storeroom were built.1962 Maintenance Bldg
1965 - Bleachers were installed by TSD Booster Club. They were enlarged by the Legion of Honor Kernel Temple in 1975. 
1965 Bleachers
1966 - The Primary Unit (a circular classroom building and a rectangular dormitory) were built. 
Primary 6
Primary 7
Primary 8
Primary 9
Primary 9.1
Elementary Dorm
On October 26, 1978, the Primary School was dedicated in the name of Henry C. Edmunds. At present day, it is known as the Edmunds Building, and Edmunds Annex (formerly Elementary Dorm) and both are being used as offices. 
Edmunds Dedication
Edmunds Dedication 2
Edmunds Dedication 3
1970 - The Vocational Annex (for girls) classes were moved to the Uriel C. Jones Vocational Building. 
1970- Jones Vocational Building was used for all vocational classes (boys and girls).