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Recreational Events

The Student Life department is responsible for Recreation and Summer Camps. Recreation involves after-school / evening activities along with elementary and middle school sports. Evening activities may include open gym, swimming, movie night, arts & crafts, and more for all ages. Recreation staff are responsible for organizing teams for the elementary and middle school students. Currently, elementary students participate in basketball only. Middle school sports are flag football, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. All teams play in a city-sanctioned league and often play at TSD or travel to local schools. Recreation is fully funded by a grant from Variety of East Tennessee.
Clubs and activities are viewed as equally valued opportunities for social interaction and character building. Activities include Three Bears for the younger ages; older students can join the Chess Club, Junior NAD, and Residential Student Council.
There are two gyms, outdoor basketball courts, and playgrounds for students to enjoy after school. Our 100-acre campus provides space for Disc Golf. Nearby parks provide hiking and bicycle trails.
Recreation is also responsible for running the Student Union (SUB). This is a place where students socialize, play games, and purchase snacks and/or drinks. SUB holds a pool table, board games, TVs, books, and on-campus snack bar.
Additionally, field trips in Knoxville and surrounding areas are provided for students to enjoy and experience learning opportunities.