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Tennessee Schools
for the Deaf
TSD is a tuition-free state special public school and comprehensive educational resource center with three campuses across the state. In addition to serving students in preschool through 12th grade who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, there are also a Toddler Learning Class (TLC) and Family-Infant Toddler Program (FIT) serving younger students and their families as well as outreach services available to families and local school districts in the state.
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Please visit Toddler Learning Class and Family-Infant Toddler Program for more information.
TSD Serves Students From Across the State
Eligibility Criteria
Any student ages three (3) through twenty-one (21) who is a resident of Tennessee and who has a hearing impairment that adversely affects the student's educational performance is eligible for admission to the Tennessee Schools for the Deaf.
  • Deficit in hearing ability (hearing threshold) and/or ability to understand or discriminate speech.
  • Evaluated and referred by their Individualized Education Program (IEP) team at their local school.
To find out if your child is eligible to attend TSD, their records must be reviewed by the admissions team.
Admissions Process
Step one: Submit an application and the child's records.
In order to begin the process, please complete the Admissions Eligibility Application form and attach, send, or have sent the requested documents for review:
  • Recent report card
  • Recent audiogram or hearing test
  • Recent IEP
The Admissions team may request additional documents, if needed, from the school including IEP related documents (eligibility, re-evaluation, FBA/BIP, ESY, etc.), academic records, and/or medical documentation of other conditions.
Admissions Application Spanish Application
Step Two: Records Review
Once the office has received all the necessary records, the admissions team will review these records to ensure the child is eligible to attend TSD.
Step Three: Campus Tour
While the team is reviewing the records, families are given the opportunity to visit and tour the school and grounds, meet school personnel, and observe classes. With prior parent permission, additional information may be collected on this day.
Families may also schedule a tour prior to completing the application if that would be beneficial in deciding whether to do so.
Tour Our Campuses
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Step Four: Outcomes
If a child is determined to be eligible to attend TSD, the local school system will be contacted to set up an IEP meeting to discuss the appropriate placement of the student.
Not Eligible
Although a child may not be currently eligible to attend TSD, this does not mean they may not become eligible at a later date. Reapplication is possible if the child's conditions change.
IEP Process
The local school system (local education agency, LEA) will hold an IEP meeting, including a representative from TSD, to discuss the appropriate environment for the child's education that imposes the least restriction.
Decision to Place at TSD:
If the IEP team decides to place the child at TSD, the family will receive information for registration.  
Decision to Remain at LEA:
If the IEP team decides to keep the child at their local school system, TSD can support the child and family through comprehensive resources and outreach services. The family may still reapply at a future date if circumstances change.
Admissions Office
Amy Albers
Enrollment Coordinator
615-770-7570 (fax) 
Heather LawsonHeather Lawson
 Director of Outreach & Admissions
865-622-6576 (vp)
615-770-7570 (fax)
Kristina Willicheva
Assessment & Accountability Coordinator
423-225-5724 (vp)