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Transportation of
Residential Students
TSD is committed to providing safe, reliable transportation to and from school for all residential students. Buses pick up and drop off at designated stops and times across the state. Transportation schedules are included in the TSD calendar. Special schedules for early dismissal days are also included. Additional information can be obtained from the Transportation Coordinator.
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Transportation of Day Students
The transportation of day students at the school is primarily the responsibility of the child's local school district (LEA), including any cost incurred in the transportation of students to and from the school; this is true whether the child rides a mini-bus or van. The school does not dispatch mini-buses or plan their schedules. The school encourages families to keep their child's mini-bus / taxi driver's phone number handy at all times.
Changes in Transportation Plans
Families must notify the Transportation Coordinator in the event of delay or change in schedule as soon as possible.