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TSD Serves Students From Across the State
Is there a cost to go to TSD?
No! TSD is a tuition-free state special public school and comprehensive educational resource center with three campuses across the state.
How long does it take to enroll?
It often takes several weeks and longer to go through the entire enrollment process. The length of time is dependent on timely submission of paperwork, the complexity of the child's situation to be reviewed, and the scheduling of the visit and IEP meeting.
How many students are in a class?
We strive to schedule no more than eight (8) students in a class. Class size varies depending on the number of students in a particular grade level or needing a particular class at that time.
How will my child get to school?
Depending on which campus your child attends, the parents may drop off the child at school, the local school system may provide a bus or car transportation, and for residential students at the Knoxville campus, a charter bus is utilized for students traveling longer distances.
What will my child need for living in the dorm on Knoxville's campus?
Please visit the Registration page for a packing list. In general, it is nothing different than what your child would need at home.
What after-school activities does TSD provide?
After-school tutoring is available to all students on all campuses. Upper School students in Knoxville have a selection of clubs and sports they may participate in including: varsity sports, BETA Club, Jr NAD, Robotics, and Virtual Vikings (cyber-security). Additionally, residential students attending the Knoxville campus have recreation activities most evenings.
What sports does TSD offer?
Our varsity athletics program in Knoxville houses a football team, volleyball team, boys and girls basketball teams, swim team, track & field team, and cheerleading squad. Younger students in Knoxville may participate in a variety of recreational sports. All teams are dependent on student interest and participation.