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New Employees

Welcome to Tennessee Schools for the Deaf (TSD)! We are excited to have you join our team as a new employee. We know that starting a new job can be overwhelming, so we've created this "New Employees" webpage as a resource for you to access important information about your employment at TSD.


On this webpage, you will find information about how to access and navigate our employee portal called Edison. We have also included important information about TSD's benefits package and policies.


We understand that there may be a lot of information to take in and we are here to support you. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Human Resources department.


Thank you for choosing TSD, we look forward to working with you and making a positive impact in the lives of the D/deaf and hard-of-hearing students we serve.






Click here to access Edison.


Edison ERP Tennessee is a portal for state employees in the state of Tennessee. The portal is based on the Edison Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and provides state employees with access to a variety of tools and resources that they need to perform their job duties. These resources may include things like employee information, payroll and benefits information, training materials, and other tools that are specific to the state of Tennessee. Overall, the purpose of the Edison ERP Tennessee portal is to provide state employees with the information and resources they need to perform their job duties efficiently and effectively.



Click here to access WTSD Aspen.

Click here to access TSD Nashville & Knoxville Aspen.


Follett Aspen is a student information system used at Tennessee Schools for the Deaf. It is designed to manage and streamline various educational processes, including student records, attendance, grades, schedules, and teacher leave time. Teachers can use Aspen to easily submit their leave time requests, allowing administrators to review and approve or deny these requests in a timely manner. This helps to improve communication and efficiency in the leave request process. Overall, the system provides administrators, teachers, and staff with real-time access to information and allows them to quickly and efficiently manage student data, teacher leave time, and other important school operations.


Employee Benefits

Click here for the link to parTNers for health and here for employee benefits. To access Retire Ready, Tennessee's Retirement Program, click here.


The provided link, ParTNers for Health: For New Employees, offers detailed information about the benefits available to State of Tennessee employees, as well as additional resources and information. 


Full-time employees will receive 7.5 hours of sick leave each month, and 7.5 hours of annual leave or more, based on their length of service. Additionally, employees will receive compensation for federal holidays. The State of Tennessee will match 401k contributions up to $1,200.00 per year.



Policies & Procedures for TSD Employees


Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Click here to access Public Service Loan Forgiveness website.
The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program forgives remaining federal student loan balance after 120 qualifying payments made while working full-time for a qualifying employer, such as the Tennessee Schools for the Deaf. Learn more about eligibility requirements by visiting the Federal Student Aid website or contacting your loan servicer.
Human Resources

Mandy Lloyd
Human Resources Director 
865-320-0127 (vp)
865-469-9283 (cell)
Bev Burk
Human Resources Specialist
(865)-579-2402 (voice)
(865)-609-3361 (fax)
Joe Simpson
Human Resources Specialist
865.579.2406 (voice)
865.609.2406 (fax)