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About Student Life (Knoxville)

At Tennessee Schools for the Deaf - Knoxville (TSDK), learning goes beyond basic skills that are taught in the classroom. After school activities are an integral part of Student Life at TSDK. Students need time to relax with friends, participate in supervised activities, challenge each other in sporting events, and more. Our 100-acre campus provides ample space for activities for students from kindergarten through high school.
The Student Life department strives to provide a home-like environment for students staying on campus during the week. Staff provides supervision for the safety and well-being of our students 24-hours a day during the school year. We provide opportunities and experiences for students to develop their independent living skills to ensure they can become contributing members to a global economy once leaving TSD.
With approximately 52% of students traveling from across the state, TSD places a major emphasis on providing the same social, emotional, and academic support in our residential program that you would provide if your child were at home. Our residential students arrive on campus Sunday afternoon and return to their homes after lunch on Friday.
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Guiding and supervising students are provided by Youth Service workers, supervisors, and deans. They provide a caring yet structured environment that supports the students and helps them become responsible and independent. Because learning does not stop at the end of the school day, residential staff and tutoring services are on hand to help with homework and answer academic questions for all students.
We recently established our Student Life Council which consists of a group of students that meet once a week. This allows empowerment of our students to discuss rules, plan activities, and overall have a "voice" related to Student Life.