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1941- 1950

1941 - 1950


1941 – A new Primary Unit was built and dedicated by Governor Prentis Cooper. In 1955, 3 new wings were added to the Primary Unit, and the name changed to the Elementary Unit in 1965.
1947 – A Children’s Park was built by the members of the Christian Endeavor Society under the supervision of Uriel C. Jones and Eugene G. Wait.
1950 – The Vocational Building for the boys was built. It was dedicated in the name of Uriel C. Jones in 1974. Some of the classes offered were Printing, Wood Working, Shoe Repair, Offset Printing and Pre-Vocational Classes.
1950 – The Hospital/ Infirmary was built. It was dedicated in the name of Dr. Paul Richards in 1984. The building was renovated in 1990, and the name changed to the clinic a few years later.
1950 – The Vocational Annex was built for the girls. It offered classes in Sewing, Cooking/Food, Arts and Crafts, Business Practices, Clothing and Home Laundry. A Practice House was built adjacent to the Annex at the same time for senior girls, to learn how to take care of a home.
Credit to:
E. Conley Akin; 100th Anniversary yearbook 1845 – 1945; 150th Anniversary yearbook 1845 - 1994