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0-5 Parent Outreach logo Tennessee Schools for the Deaf Statewide 0 – 5 Parent Outreach Services provide support, resources, and information that is focused on the unique needs of children birth-to-five who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf-blind and their families. We collaborate with programs the family is already involved with and all Local Education Agencies.




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Tracy Duncan
Specialist &


Middle TN



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Alisa Weeks


East TN



Services include:



Family and Child Services 

Program Partnerships

  • Collaborative visits to the home and/or community-based programs

  • Child observation visits with written reports that include instructional recommendations
  • Workshops for families on topics of interest: language, literacy, behavior, transition, etc.

  • Annual Family Learning Weekend throughout the state

  • Family resources, materials, and support
  • Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)

  • Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS)
  • Early Intervention Resource Agencies (EIRA)
  • Independent preschool programs, i.e. MOSD, Mama Lere Hearing School, UT S & H Center

  • Audiologists & Speech Therapists


Public School Partnerships

Deaf Adult Role Model

  • Professional workshops & in-service opportunities

  • Transition support

  • Collaborate on IFSP, IEP, and 504 development

  • Child observation visits with written reports that include instructional recommendations

  • Resources, materials, and support
  • Connecting hearing families with deaf / hard of hearing adults via social media

  • Volunteer Adults are representative of all communication options and listening devices

  • Families learn about life experiences: growing up, going to school, getting a job, friendships, etc.

  • Families ask questions: How do you wake up in the morning? What was your experience in school? Did kids make fun of you because you wore a hearing aid / cochlear implant?


Virtual Parent Get-together, "Coffee Break", Meets Monthly

  • Online access through Zoom

  • Free for family members

  • Scheduled at convenient times

  • Coffee Break meets monthly, year round



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