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0-5 Parent Outreach logo Tennessee Schools for the Deaf Statewide 0 – 5 Parent Outreach Services provide support, resources, and information that is focused on the unique needs of children birth-to-five who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf-blind and their families. We collaborate and consult with programs the family is already involved with and all Local Education Agencies.




Photo of Tracy Duncan

Tracy Duncan
Educational Consultant


Middle TN



Photo of Alisa Weeks

Alisa Weeks
Educational Consultant


East TN



Services include:



Family and Child Services from
Education Consultants

Program Partnerships

  • Consultative visits to the home and/or community-based programs

  • Child observation visits with written reports that include instructional recommendations
  • Workshops for families on topics of interest: language, literacy, behavior, transition, etc.

  • Annual Family Learning Weekend throughout the state

  • Family resources, materials, and support
  • Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)

  • Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS)
  • Early Intervention Resource Agencies (EIRA)
  • Independent preschool programs, i.e. MOSD, Mama Lere Hearing School, UT S & H Center

  • Audiologists & Speech Therapists


Public School Partnerships

Deaf Adult Role Model

  • Professional workshops & in-service opportunities

  • Transition support

  • Consultation on IFSP, IEP, and 504 development

  • Child observation visits with written reports that include instructional recommendations

  • Resources, materials, and support
  • Connecting hearing families with deaf / hard of hearing adults via social media

  • Volunteer Adults are representative of all communication options and listening devices

  • Families learn about life experiences: growing up, going to school, getting a job, friendships, etc.

  • Families ask questions: How do you wake up in the morning? What was your experience in school? Did kids make fun of you because you wore a hearing aid / cochlear implant?


Virtual Parent Get-together, "Coffee Break", Meets Monthly

  • Online access through Zoom

  • Free for family members

  • Scheduled at convenient times

  • Coffee Break meets monthly, year round



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