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Our philosophy is that young children learn through play. Every moment is a teachable moment.

Tennessee School for the Deaf offers an all-day, all-week preschool program. There are two full time teachers and two full time assistants in the classroom all day. Opportunities to develop sign and spoken language are presented through direct instruction, playtime activities, and social interactions with teachers and classmates. The preschool program is accommodating to all students; we have students with hearing aids, CI (both unilaterally and bilaterally), and some who wear no amplification at all.

We offer the average preschool schedule in a warm and loving environment. We have daily PE classes where gross motor development is the focus. PE activities are often paired with language and vocabulary activities that match the unit of study in the classroom. We have circle time, large group and small group instructional times, lunchtime, and recess. After recess, we have ASL story time, nap time, and then a snack before dismissal at 3:15pm.

The curriculum is aligned with the TN Early Learning Standards (TN ELDS).  Lessons are developed using TN ELDS to meet IEP goals. Instruction is tailored to meet each student's individual needs. Our preschool program is also certified by the State Department of Education.