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CTE Program

The Career & Technical Education (CTE) program at TSD is designed to prepare students for success in post-secondary education and future careers.
Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts equips students with the skills to pursue careers in the culinary field as a personal chef, caterer, executive chef, and food and beverage manager. Courses cover topics like kitchen safety and sanitation, history of the food services industry, careers, nutrition, recipe basics, proper kitchen tools and equipment, and kitchen staples, food presentation, advanced cooking principles, bakeshop preparation skills, professionalism, and business opportunities. Upon completion of this program, students will have a full range of knowledge and skills in culinary arts and will have prepared a professional portfolio in preparation for future training at the post-secondary level.

STEM Program
The STEM Education program is designed for students interested in the exciting, high-demand careers available in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This program is uniquely structured to offer students an overview of STEM fields, occupations, and applications in the first year, followed by more specialized studies in subsequent years. Students also have opportunities to build portfolios and gain valuable internship experience. Upon completion of this program, students will be prepared to pursue advanced study in the STEM field of their choice at a variety of post-secondary institutions.
Structural Systems - Architecture & Construction
The Structural Systems program teaches students knowledge and skills related to residential and commercial carpentry. Course content covers wood, metal, and concrete building materials, fasteners, hand and power tools, fabrication based on construction plans, framing of platform and post-and-beam structures, stairs, structural loads, installation and trim of windows and doors, installation and repair of gypsum wallboard, exterior finish work, cabinet installation, and thermal and moisture protection. The fourth level course, Construction Practicum, places students with industry partners to complete a capstone construction project. Upon completion of the program of study, students will be equipped for workforce entry, apprenticeships, or continued training at the post-secondary level.