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TSD Learning Loss Summer Program

During the month of June, Tennessee Schools for the Deaf will be offering four weeks of academic programming for students K-12 on the TSD Knoxville campus. The four weeks will be centered around themes, and each week will be “stand-alone” as opposed to being continuous. Lessons will be designed to stimulate a language-rich environment with lots of hands-on activities and field trips.

To register your student, please fill out the survey provided. Deadline to register is April 16th. For more information, please see the attached flyer.

TDOE Seeks Contractors for Program Review of Tennessee Schools for the Deaf

The department is seeking up to two qualified contractors to conduct a program review at the TSD. This includes the Knoxville campus, Nashville campus, and West Tennessee campus in Jackson. The purpose of the program review is to assess program quality, viability, and facilitate appropriate program improvement.

WTSD Recognized as a Model of Demonstration School, Bronze Level, Second Year in a Row

For the second time, West Tennessee School for the Deaf (WTSD) was recognized as a Model of Demonstration School, Bronze Level, for Response to Instruction and Intervention-Behavior (RTI2-B). Thanks to the tireless work of WTSD's RTI2-B team, WTSD students continue to work toward and get rewarded for fulfilling the expectations of being responsible, respectful, and cooperative with the goal of supporting a positive social and behavioral climate at WTSD.

Virtual Book Club for Parents of Children with Hearing Concerns

Parents, are you looking for an opportunity to study together on the journey of raising children with hearing concerns? Parent Outreach has created a virtual book club to do just that! The date, time, and book will be determined by the participants. Please take advantage of the QR code on the flyer to sign up!

Virtual Family ASL Classes

Virtual family ASL class will begin January 26th! Classes range from ASL 1-3. We welcome all families of TSD students, the Deaf Mentor Program, and Toddler Learning Class. Please register by January 21st!
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