Superintendent's Personal Message to TSD Staff, Students, Parents, and Community 12/18/2020


Hello TSD Staff, Students, Parents, and Community.

I want to share my difficult decision to retire at the end of June, 2021. This is not due to any single factor, but I have a strong desire to be available to serve the needs of my family.

As you know, I’ve worked in a place that is not my home for several years now. It's tough being available for family if you work in one place and live in another. It's important for me to be available for my family. Also, I want to pursue some creative endeavors while I'm still relatively young.

I am proud of the work here at TSD, there have been many improvements in the last three years. I know that work will continue because the leadership at TSD knows the importance and how to manage it. And you know it is important to support the vision.

TDOE also knows it is important, and they are developing a process for the search for the new superintendent. The process will include many people here at TSD in the feedback on the search process. They want to hire a superintendent that satisfies your expectations.

 I am proud of what's happened here, I'm proud of my work, and I'm proud of your work. I know that work will continue.

 Thank you!

 Dr. Vicki Kirk, Superintendent