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Shared Reading Project

(SRP) is a highly-acclaimed national program for parents and caregivers. SRP matches participating families with Deaf tutors. A Deaf tutor visits with the family of a deaf or hard of hearing child and demonstrates how to read a popular children's book in American Sign Language (ASL). Family members practice signing the book and receive feedback from the tutor. Family members then read the book to the child in ASL as the tutor watches and offers helpful hints. At the end of each weekly session, the tutor provides the family with a book bag. The book bag contains a copy of the book, a DVD of the storybook being read in ASL that family members can use for practice, a bookmark with tips on reading to deaf children, and a guide with family activities relating to the particular book for that week.
For additional information, contact Briella Diaz at [email protected] or Michel Swafford at [email protected]