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theronTheron Strickland
CAP Teacher
Our Vision
The vision of the Comprehensive Adult Program is to empower young adults, so they can develop independence in learning and living. This program is designed to meet the unique transitional needs of young adults who are Deaf Plus and between the ages of 18 to 22.
Our Mission
The mission of the Comprehensive Adult Program is to provide support and promote the achievement of our young adults by creating opportunities for success so they can thrive and participate fully in society. Our emphasis is in comprehensive adult transition services for young adults who are Deaf Plus between the ages of 18 to 22. To fulfill this mission, these young adults will be offered programs, services, and resources to enable them to reach their maximum potential and independence in a diverse and ever-changing world.
Our Culture
The Comprehensive Adult Program is centered on the belief that all individuals can thrive in society when they find their niche, and that everyone can participate to their fullest potential with the correct array of supports. This program relies heavily on community-based instruction in a variety of real-world settings.


Young Adults in CAP can work towards earning an Occupational Diploma. An Occupational Diploma is awarded to students who complete at least two years of work experience, coordinated by a Certified Work Based Learning Coordinator, and who satisfy the criteria outlined in the Skills Knowledge Experience and Mastery Assessment (SKEMA) as determined by the educational team.


FAQs for Occupational Diplomas


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