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Snapshots  is an opportunity for families with a deaf/hard-of-hearing child from the ages of 0-21 to meet a variety of deaf and hard-of-hearing adults to get a "snapshot" into their lives. This program provides families the opportunity to have a safe space to ask Snapshot Guides anything that they may have been curious about since discovering their child has an identified/suspected hearing difference. Families can ask about educational choices, communication and language options, advocacy, social opportunities, cultural perspectives, and beyond! All sessions are virtual, and an interpreter will be provided at each one to facilitate clear communication. 


The goal is for families to learn more about how there is no ONE way to be deaf!

Who are our Snapshot Guides?Our Snapshot Guides are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing individuals who have been trained and certified to become SKI*HI Snapshots Guides. Check them out below:

If you are interested in participating in Snapshots and/or looking for more information, please fill out our Snapshots form at the link below. For additional information, please contact Briella Diaz at [email protected].
Briella Diaz