A message from the Director of Instruction:
"I’m excited to introduce you to the Department of Instruction here at Tennessee School for the Deaf. We have three campuses across the state. Tennessee School for the Deaf (TSD) located in Knoxville, TN, Tennessee School for the Deaf Nashville (TSDN) located in Nashville, TN, and West Tennessee School for the Deaf (WTSD) located in Jackson, TN.  TSD has one elementary school, grades K-6, and one upper school, grades 7-12.  TSD also has a toddler learning program, a preschool program, and a post-secondary program.  TSDN serves students in grades PK-2. WTSD services students in grades PK-6.  Many students from WTSD and TSDN will transfer to TSD Knoxville when they begin their high school years. 


The Department of Instruction has a wonderful group of faculty and staff across the state that include principals, assistant principals, teachers, teaching assistants, clerical staff, ASL specialists, transitional counselors, and coaches.  These educators ensure that our students learn both inside and outside the classroom, through clubs, athletics, and academic competitions.


We believe in “whatever it takes” and it shows in the classroom. Our teachers base their curriculum on the Tennessee State Standards, plus we are involved with setting standards for American Sign Language. We use a number of resources to compliment what we teach and the way the students learn. We encourage our students to explore their talents so they are empowered by choosing a career or having post-secondary opportunities upon graduation."


-Lisa Collins, Director