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The Tennessee School for the Deaf in Nashville (TSDN) is a brand new endeavor housed on the property of the Tennessee School for the Blind.
TSDN will serve Pre-K through 2nd grade this year, but will add a grade level each year. The plan is for the school to top off at 6th grade, so students may then attend the residential school in Knoxville or attend a mainstream school closer to home. 
The first weeks of TSDN have been exciting and full of potential. The team of six who have been assembled for this pioneering endeavor are thrilled to be a part of this historical moment in Tennessee's Deaf history. 
The sister schools in Knoxville and Jackson have graciously offered furniture and supplies for the first weeks of school. The Tennessee School for the Blind's staff has been very kind and accommodating throughout this transition. They have offered encouragement, advice, and have even learned some sign language.
The Deaf community in Nashville and local nonprofits who support Deaf children have been welcoming, supportive, and eager to see how the Deaf children in and around Nashville will benefit from TSDN.