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Comprehensive Educational Resource Center

Comprehensive Educational Resource Center


The Comprehensive Educational Resource Center (CERC) provides supports to deaf and hard of hearing students at our Tennessee Schools for the Deaf and through outreach to the Local Education Agents (LEA) serving students across the state. 


At our campus, CERC has a variety of services to meet the social, emotional, and audiological needs of students. School counselors work with students proactively by providing training in mindfulness and positive behavior while also addressing bullying, personal safety, and wellness issues. We have a social worker available to help students and their families access additional services they may need. Our Behavior Specialist addresses the needs of the student who is experiencing challenges and may need additional support to be successful in the classroom. Our school counseling team has been actively involved in training the instructional and student life staff in crisis management to ensure the safety of all students.


Our audiologists provide ongoing support and address the hearing concerns of the students with state-of-the-art equipment. They are able to troubleshoot and map cochlear implants. They also troubleshoot and fix, if able, hearing aids and work with insurance companies to minimize the amount of time students are without their aids.  


CERC has an assessment team with 40 years of experience working with deaf and hard of hearing students, which is led by the school psychologist. He works with our audiologists, social worker, and other necessary staff to evaluate students. This benefits teachers as they address the unique learning needs of our students. 


CERC also has an outreach team that meets the needs of students across the state. The team provides resources, observations, and recommendations for students served by Tennessee Early Intervention Services (TEIS) for the birth to five population, as well as students through age 22 served by LEA's across the state. These services are always free. Our birth to five consultants are available to provide support to families of deaf and hard of hearing babies and young children as well as the agencies who serve these children.


CERC currently has three consultants: one in East Tennessee, one in Middle Tennessee, and one in West Tennessee. CERC also has a Parent Outreach Coordinator who works with families who have children enrolled at TSD and families served by LEA's across the state. They work with established support groups across the state, but also look for areas that are under-served. CERC has two LEA outreach consultants who travel to school systems upon request to observe, consult, provide ongoing support, and make recommendations.


For additional information please contact any of the CERC staff listed in the directory.