WTSD Language for Littles 10/26/18

On Friday, October 26th, we had our first Language for Littles session with our preschool parents of children who are deaf/hard of hearing. Our goal with this program is to share the importance of reading to your child and how to do it. Each time we meet we will focus on one goal for sign language and one goal for book sharing skills. Our focuses were to sign sentences with at least three signs when appropriate and to position yourself and the book so sign, facial expression and print can all be seen at the same time. Our families are now able to use enough sign to show the story and concepts from the text.  It can be challenging to hold a book and sign. It’s important to keep the text, pictures and the signer’s face visible to the child while sharing a book. Also, remember to always face your child while signing a book. We look forward to our session next month!