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TSD Knoxville - Deaf-Blind Teacher

TSD Knoxville - Deaf-Blind Teacher
Knoxville, TN
The teacher of students with deaf-blindness is someone who understands the profound effect a combined vision and hearing loss may have on all areas of a child’s development and academic success. This teacher will provide instruction using Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). This teacher works with students who are deaf-blind enrolled at Tennessee Schools for the Deaf either by direct services or consultation. This position may require traveling to the Tennessee School for the Deaf in Nashville and to the West Tennessee School for the Deaf. This teacher may supervise educational assistants/interveners working directly with deaf-blind students. This position may support the LEA Outreach with some assessment of students with deaf-blindness.

• Conduct Functional Visual Assessments (FVA) which include the Learning Media Assessment (LMA) and Expanded Core needs assessment for TSD students.
• Refer students and families to the TN Deaf-Blind Project and Project PAVE (providing access to the visual environment) for low vision assessment and optical devices.
• Assess and assist in the use of optical and non-optical devices
• Determine appropriate visual materials, make visual modifications, assess and modify visual environment.
• Provide braille instruction.
• Share with the IEP team information about the student’s visual functioning and the rationale for the visual and/or tactile adaptation recommended.
• When appropriate, provide the student with access to various visual experiences to improve student’s functional vision.
• When appropriate, provide the student with various tactile experiences to improve the student’s tactile abilities.
• When appropriate, provide the student with a multi-sensory approach so the student can learn to integrate all senses and gain the benefit of accessing the environment with all the senses working together.
• Trains other staff how to integrate techniques and strategies used throughout the student’s entire day.
• Provides support and instruction for students with deaf-blindness ages 3 to 21.
• Works collaboratively with the Tennessee School for the Blind Outreach department and the State of Tennessee’s Deaf-Blind Project to improve services and access to resources for students, families and local education agencies.
• Stay up to date on new research, assistive technology, strategies, resources and support regarding deaf-blindness.
• Participate in continued professional development and training opportunities.
• Supervise one-on-one assistants or interveners serving students who are deaf-blind.
• May coordinate the selection and purchase of materials from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH).
• May provides consultative services to families of students with deaf-blindness.
• May collaborates with LEA Outreach Coordinator to provide support and services for students statewide who are deaf-blind.
• May coordinate and plan training activities for teachers, cottage staff, and statewide programs supporting students with deaf-blindness.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

• Working knowledge of computers
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Good organization and planning skills
• Willingness to stay current in the field of Deaf-Blindness.
Benefits include medical, dental, vision and life insurance, retirement pension, 401(k) match, employee assistance program, personal and sick leave (PTO) and more. A full listing of employee benefits can be found here: https://www.tn.gov/hr/employees1/benefits.html
• Master’s degree or higher from an accredited educational institution in Special Education Visual Impairment or equivalent
• Deaf Education degree from accredited educational instituation. (Preferred)
• Must possess or be able to obtain certification/endorsement in the areas of Special Education Visual Impairment and Deaf Education. Experience and/or certification in Special Education Modified or Comprehensive K-12 is preferred.
• SLPI:ASL rating of Intermediate Plus or above required; SLPI:ASL rating of Advanced preferred. American Sign Language (ASL) sign classes and skill development support available for selected qualified applicants who do not meet the rating level.
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Phone: 865-579-2500
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