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TSD Deaf Mentor Contracted Position

TSD Deaf Mentor Contracted Position
The Tennessee Schools for the Deaf (“TSD”) is seeking individuals to serve as Deaf Mentors for the 2019-20 school year. A Deaf Mentor is an adult who will:

•Help increase the family's ability to successfully communicate with their deaf child through the use of sign language.
•Provide the family with opportunities to identify their child's subtle communication attempts and evaluate their child's strengths in communicating.
•Increase family’s appreciation for and understanding of American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf Culture, and the Deaf Community.
•Support the child's development of language, communication, and self-identity through use of ASL.

Deaf Mentor Responsibilities

•Participate in a two-hour online SKI*HI Deaf Mentor orientation a three-day training on the program curriculum prior to meeting with families and periodically throughout the year as requested by the TSD.
•Meet with assigned families once a week. Each visit shall be one hour in length.
•Follow the SKI*HI Deaf Mentor curriculum as directed by the TSD Deaf Mentor Program Coordinator.
•Complete a calendar of visits, lesson plans, and child progress monitoring and submit to the TSD Deaf Mentor Program once a month.
•Create quarterly reports that include demographic data; cumulative number of completed home visits to date; cumulative number of canceled or not at-home visits; list of all Deaf Mentor curriculum topics discussed; observed child skills: early visual communication, ASL vocabulary, ASL expressive/receptive; observed family’s mastery of: early visual communication mastery, ASL vocabulary, ASL expressive / receptive; LDS quarterly score; VCSL quarterly score. These reports must be:
•Attend student early intervention team meetings as requested by the TSD.
•Have families complete a pre-survey and post-survey on Deaf Awareness and ASL as a means to demonstrate measurable gain in knowledge about Deafness.
The pre- and post-survey shall be created by the TSD and provided to the Deaf Mentor.
•Write a final report (using a template provided by the TSD) of the overall program impact on each family.
•Work with the SKI*HI Parent Advisor to document the following information and submit to the Deaf Mentor Coordinator quarterly in the form of an electronic report.
 Pre and post scores for VCSL, LDS, family knowledge survey, family satisfaction survey.
 Home visit sign-in log including the name of the family, address, date of visit, visit start and end time, and parent signature.
 Weekly lesson plan including the lesson plan which reflects the topics from the curriculum, activities to be completed, resources and materials to be used, a summary of family comments, and a space to circle the description of the child’s engagement (e.g., participated, sick, asleep, did not participate).
 LDS: Each month the SKI*HI Parent Advisor and family will review and document the progress together.
 VCSL: Each month the Grantee and the family will review, update the vocabulary list, and document any progress made.
 Assistive listening device use: Each visit the SKI*HI Parent Advisor and family will review and update how much time the child’s assistive listening device has been worn and his / her auditory skills progress.
• Report any issues that arise in relation to the Deaf Mentor Pilot Project to the TSD Superintendent within 24 hours of becoming aware of the issue, or immediately if the issue is related to health and safety.
Deaf Mentor Compensation
Deaf Mentors will be compensated $45.00 per hour and travel costs will not be reimbursed. The total compensation will be based on the number of hours of service, with need depending on the number of families assigned to that Deaf Mentor. The number of families assigned is dependent on how many Deaf Mentors are selected, total number of families participating in the program, and location of families and Deaf Mentors.
Deaf Mentor Requirements
• Applicants will submit a resume, cover letter, and additional documents as noted below, needed to confirm they meet the following minimum qualifications:
 High school or equivalency (copy of diploma or equivalent)
 State-issued driver’s license (copy of license)
 Experience with bilingual education (include in resume or cover letter)
 Access to internet, working knowledge of computers, basic skills with technology (include in resume or cover letter)
 Proven skills in written communication, reporting, scheduling, planning, and work ethics (include in resume or cover letter)
 Effective communication skills / positive customer-focus manner with families, professionals, deaf community members, and community at large(include in resume or cover letter)
 Native signer or native-like American Sign Language (“ASL”) (Official document showing ASLAI score)
 Ability to engage effectively with children who are deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind (include in resume or cover letter)
 Demonstrated engagement with adults who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind in the community (include in resume or cover letter)
 Evidence of in-depth knowledge of Deaf Culture (include in resume or cover letter)
 Ability to work with diversity and multi-disciplinary teams (include in resume or cover letter)
 Excellent time-management and organizational skills (include in resume or cover letter)
• All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications shall be invited to participate in a two-hour online orientation and a three-day training on the program curriculum. During the three-day training participants will:
 Participate in role-play activities
 Demonstrate ASL skills
 Explain linchpins of Deaf Culture
 Demonstrate communication skills, and
 Engage in writing lesson plans and demonstrate effective delivery of the lesson to the parents and the child.
• All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and participate in the orientation and three-day training will be invited to an in-person interview with TSD representatives, a family of a young deaf child, and a member of the deaf community at large. In this interview, the applicant will:
 Demonstrate ASL skills by telling stories, performing the 15 principles of the Shared Reading Project, and answer questions about Deaf Culture. The interview will be recorded.
 Prepare, write, and deliver a lesson from the Deaf Mentor Curriculum to a family with a young deaf child. The family will rate the applicant. The applicant can give permission to be recorded and viewed by the interview committee as part of the selection process.
Contact Human Resources
Phone: 865-579-2500
2725 Island Home Blvd., Knoxville, TN 37920