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TSD Virtual Learning Parent Confidentiality Agreement

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Dear TSD Parent/Guardian,

In order to meet the needs of our students at this time, our teachers are using various resources and platforms to offer instruction and support to students, both those in the classroom and our virtual students.

Our teachers will be using tools such as Zoom, Canvas, and Seesaw to enhance the virtual learning experience for our students who are learning from home. Please note that using these programs will allow your student to participate in class in real time. This means they will see classmates and see what is transpiring in the classroom. This facilitates their learning and engagement with other students.

By joining these classes, you agree to have your student participate and acknowledge that your student (student’s name) will be accessible to other student participants. Because you have elected to participate in virtual learning, you will be expected to monitor your child’s participation and assure that expectations for engagement and confidentiality are followed.

Tennessee Schools for the Deaf expects that all families review and implement the following guidelines and expectations to ensure that the confidentiality rights of all students are protected when live video instruction is used.

  1.  Parent/Guardian will make every effort to ensure that the student’s learning space is quiet and protected from family and visitor traffic in and out of the area and is free from distractions.
  2. No recordings will be made of the virtual live sessions by the parent, guardian, or student.
  3. If parental or third-party involvement in a virtual live session is necessary to enable a student to participate, the individual assisting the student shall not re-disclose any personally identifiable information about any student participating.

Thank you for your support of Tennessee Schools for the Deaf and your commitment to learning for your student. If you have questions, you may contact your school’s principal.

By signing below you acknowledge these guidelines and agree to follow them while your student is a virtual learner with Tennessee Schools for the Deaf.

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