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Registration Portal

Registration Information
Registration Information (PDF)
Required Forms
  1. Registration Form* - Online Form, PDF Form (fillable)
    *Note: If you completed this form online (April or May), move to the next form.
  2. Transportation & Contacts - Online Form, PDF Form (fillable)
  3. Health & Medical Forms - PDF Form (pages 1-2 fillable)
  4. Student Responsible Use Policy 2019-2020 PDF (fillable)
  5. Upload Registration Documents
    *Registration documents may be uploaded securely to our website portal, click the link below. You may upload files one at a time, or select multiple files to upload. 
    Upload Registration Documents
Additional Forms (please read carefully)
  1. Emergency Care Plan Forms: (documents listed below) should be completed by doctors for students with any of the following conditions:
    1. Allergy - Insect Sting (PDF fillable)
    2. Allergy - Food (PDF fillable)
    3. Allergy - Latex (PDF fillable)
    4. Asthma (PDF fillable)
    5. Diabetes: Hyperglycemia (PDF fillable), Hypoglycemia (PDF fillable)
    6. Seizures
    7. Special Dietary Needs
  2. FERPA Directory & Education Records Notice & Permission 2019-2020 - PDF (fillable)
  3. Free & Reduced Lunch* (*This form is for day students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch) - Word form, Word form - Spanish
  4. Varsity Sports Forms - Students in 8-12th grades planning to play varsity sports must complete and submit the following forms:
    1. Consent for Athletic Programs and Activities (PDF fillable)
    2. Concussion Information (PDF)
    3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information (PDF)
School Information/Policies
  1. Aspen Portal Flyer - PDF
  2. Bus Schedules - PDF
  3. Cottage Packing List - PDF
  4. Drug & Alcohol Policy - PDF
  5. School-Parent Compact - PDF
  6. Student Handbook - PDF
  7. Transportation Policy - PDF