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Residential Hall Updates

*Please know that some things have changed since filming, we will keep only ONE cottage not two.
**Keep your eyes open for following updates!!
**Both floors of the Residence Hall will have 4 wings as mentioned in the video.
In Fall of 2022, we will be transitioning from the cottages to the new Residential Hall! This building will have four wings. Each wing will resemble a "house / cottage". Two of the wings will be single wings while the other two will be double wings. Single wings include a living room area, dining room, and kitchen. Double wings will share a kitchen but have their own living and dining rooms.
Additional facts of the new Residential Hall include:
  • 2 Stories
  • Brick Exterior
  • 8 Wings (4 on each floor) - each wing has a kitchen, dining room, and living room
  • 40 Bedrooms
  • 144 Bed Capacity
  • Fire Suppression System 
  • Common Area on Lower Level for Shared Activities
  • Natural Gas Powered Back-Up Generator