*Updated links and information on nutrition and free internet service as of 3/25/2020
Reopening Tennessee Schools for the Deaf 
Tennessee Schools for the Deaf (all campuses) is preparing for the re-opening of schools for the 2020-2021 school year following the planned calendar dates for each campus. As part of the re-opening process, TSD has developed the "Reopening Schools - A Guidance Document for Tennessee Schools for the Deaf". The draft document was posted for parents and staff to submit feedback, the final document incorporated feedback received. Final version posted 7/30/2020
Assurances for residential students will be provided by parents via the COVID-19 Student Assurance form / COVID-19 Formulario de Aseguranza para los Estudiante prior to boarding the bus on Sundays. TSD Transition Coordinator will send a reminder text message to parents of residential students on Sundays to fill out the form online to verify the information included before being transported to TSD.
Day students' parents will provide daily assurances via the COVID-19 Student Assurance form / COVID-19 Formulario de Aseguranza para los Estudiante. Day students who ride the bus will have their temperature checked prior to boarding the bus. All day students will have their temperature checked prior to entering the building each morning.
*FAQ documents for staff and parents/families will be posted on the TSD COVID-19 webpage are in final review and formatting and will be posted when complete.

Virtual Learning Plan In Response to COVID-19
For the 2020-21 school year, Tennessee Schools for the Deaf (TSD) families have the option to attend their designated state special school for the deaf campus or participate in virtual learning through their designated campus location. With either option, all students are expected to maintain sufficient academic progress. This document provides an outline of the procedures and expectations for families and students who chose to enroll in TSD’s Virtual Learning Plan (VLP).
Parents interested in enrolling their student in the VLP should review the Virtual Learning Plan and submit the Virtual Learning Plan Application / Virtual Learning Plan Application (Spanish) - check with the school principal regarding the due date for the 2nd nine-weeks of school.
*This is required for all parents with virtual learning students. 
School Reopening Plan In Response to COVID-19
The 2020-2021 School Reopening Plan was created to provide parents, guardians, and staff information specific to reopening each campus/school for the upcoming school year, including general schedules and emergency closure for remote learning schedules.